What Appointment Scheduling and Booking System does for you

O-16YWDX0Don’t lose customers because they are unable to re-schedule appointments. Allow your clients re-schedule, sends them reminders, and notifies your staff on updates and amendments without lifting a finger. This innovative appointment scheduling and booking system will portray you and your company as a professional and efficient business entity in the eyes of your clients. Booking appointments is made quick and simple through the customize able front end platform, while tracking and managing these appointments are done through the admin at the back end Interface. K&K IT’s Appointment Scheduling and Booking System effective appointment scheduling saves time and money and increases productivity for your company.

Allows you to take bookings, appointments and inquiries directly from the software provided. Customers and Clients will enjoy easy to use interfaces while making the appointment and experience a seamless process from start to finish.
Generates automated updates via email and SMS when changes/amendments are made so that both admin and client are fully aware of the updates.
Fully customize-able and designed to suit your company requirements. We can configure the interface to match your company’s corporate image and branding.

Utilize important data to generate reports from the system. Reports can be used for analyzing and understanding your clients’ requirements and habits. We provide a wide range of customize-able reports for you to choose from.

Features of K&K IT’s Appointment Scheduling and Booking System

  • Self-service online booking of appointments by clients.
  • Manage Client’s Schedules and bookings.
  • Receive updates on changes/amendments to appointment through email/SMS notifications.
  • Integration of preferred online payment into system.
  • Customizable Reports and Analysis on Appointments and Bookings made to discover new business trends.
  • Appointment reminders sent out via email/SMS for clients.
  • Customizable Front-End client Interface to well-position company branding and profile.
  • Integration of the system calendar with google calendar to allow for better management.
  • Intuitive Dashboard to provide vital data on appointments and scheduling.
  • Option to link up with CRM system to provide desired clients servicing.

No more loss of business opportunities

Allow your clients to schedule appointments on any platform wherever and whenever they want. Let your clients choose the type of service, the employee and the time slot that they prefer. Appointment scheduling portal remains open 24/7, even when you are closed.

Your trusted receptionist

Allows you to accept appointments on your available time slots according to your preference. Be in full control and allow your available time slot to be filled up automatically by clients.

Be notified of all bookings

With our system you will be notified of new booking, updates and changes. Say a big “Hi” to your new 24/7 Personal assistant.

Optional prepayment with integrated online payment gateway

Integrate your choice of secure payment gateways in the system. Allows you to receive payments and deposits up-front to protect your company from no-shows and cover any upfront costs. A simple, secure and hassle-free way for clients to complete their payments with you.

Scheduling at your fingertips on the go

Managing appointments should be done easily and efficiently. Allow you to have easy access to our secure back end interface, adjusting your availability, confirming appointment and seeing your schedule at a glance.

Friendly Reminders

Automated reminders and customized Messages to remind clients through email/SMS of upcoming appointments and changes in scheduling of appointments.

Customised and Optimised for you

Every company is different and we want you to have a system that suits your company the best. Talk to us today. Let us know what you are looking for. We take your feedback seriously and is committed to making changes to serve you and your clients better.

Billing and Invoicing System

K&K IT provides you with web-based billing and invoicing software that helps you generate detailed and professional looking invoices. It can automatically send payment reminders to clients with due payments. Making payments online has never been quicker and more efficient! We provide solutions to your everyday problems by introducing software that does the job for you. All you need to do is input the right details and the rest is done for you.
Create and send professional invoices in minutes and impress your customers. Simply fill in the relevant details and the system calculates and prints everything in the right order. The system has built in formulas to calculate factors like bonuses, CPF and more.
Get paid faster and on time with online payment gateways. With integrated online payment options that you choose to your website, customers get to enjoy secure payment options without needing to access other sites and wait for processing times.
Send friendly payment reminders to your customers so that they are reminded to pay on time. With lesser customer confusion on payments and due dates, both you and your customers do not have to go through complicated processes to solve payment issues.

Main Features

  • Quotation generation on the go.
  • Quick Invoicing on the go.
  • Payment Management.
  • Integrated online payment gateways.
  • Automatic reminders.
  • Effortless management through Dashboard.
  • Customized Reporting.
  • Logs that tracks system behavior

Quick Invoicing

Generate a new invoice from scratch just by keying in the relevant details. The design of the invoice can also be made to match your company or brand for a unique experience for your customers. Display professional looking invoices in minutes using our software.

Automated Reminders

System will automatically remind your company that payment is due for clients. In addition, email reminders are automatically sent out to your customers on approaching due payment. Improve the cash flow status of your company and never miss any payment collection ever again!

Customized Reporting

Generate reports that can provide you with important information for analyzing. Gain complete visibility of your sales team and see how each person performs. Discover new ways to improve your company revenue and growth.

User-centric dashboard experience

Come and experience our dashboard with graphical presentation of important data at first glance. Feel the difference with K&K IT. Sales figures, invoices, payments made, payments due, profit & loss are all important numbers, all at a single glance!

Convenience at your fingertips

Our system is mobile friendly, which means you can access the things you need at almost any time using a mobile device. Receive constant updates and stay control of all the happenings in your business. We bring you closer to your company at anytime and anywhere!

Customizable invoice templates

A professional look tailored to your business gives a good impression to your clients. Make custom designed templates that you can use to match your company’s corporate image and branding.