Now is the time for you to take advantage of the support the government is offering for your business while it is still in effect. You can do this through the PIC Scheme which has really helped a lot of businesses since it was introduced in 2011. Pic is about improving the efficiency of your business, increasing its productivity, and allowing it to be more innovative. This can all be accomplished by relying on important custom enterprise resource planning solutions.  Right now if you take advantage of productivity solutions implementation,  you are able to get a 40% cashback or a 400% tax deduction. Either of these options afford you substantial savings and help you make the decision to enhance your business.

All your business has to do is meet the PIC requirements. You will need to submit a PIC application and your business must be registered in Singapore and operating here. Plus you must have on staff a minimum of 3 CPF employees. We can certainly help you with your application process so you can focus on your business.