K&K IT enterprise resource planning software is an integrated system that combines, organizes, and maintains the data necessary for all operations.

Mobile Menu Ordering and Payment System

Mobile Menu Ordering and Payment SystemMobile phones are used in our daily lives and there’s no surprise that we spend lots of time using it. It is basically an all in one device. We can learn, play games, access social media and do business, all in one. Mobile phones are also used for online payment for goods when we purchase goods online. K&K IT’s Mobile menu ordering and payment system is dedicated to serving customers who wish to purchase food items and meals online.
Our system provides a simple yet effective way to deliver the best user experience possible without losing customer’s interest. Quick and easy payments for existing customers will provide them with satisfaction and loyalty as they will enjoy the system’s ease of use.
Beautifully designed software that entices people and draws them closer to becoming customers. The steps taken into purchasing food items from the menu becomes an experience instead of a task.
Discuss with us your personal needs and ideas to make your mobile menu ordering and payment system better. We listen to your feedback and value the insights provided.

K&K IT Mobile Menu Ordering and Payment System features

  • Multi-platform accessibility.
  • Customized User Friendly Interface.
  • E-menu set up.
  • Promotion/Discount product or time period setting.
  • Integrated payment gateway of choice.
  • Ordering via mobile devices.
  • Loyalty bonuses for customers.
  • No prior technical skills required to operate

Simple and Intuitive Experience

Simple and Intuitive Experience

Minimal training required. You and your staff can learn it in moments.  It makes training new staff easy as you just need to show what to do and how to do it. Simplicity is beauty.

Maintain a loyal customer base

Maintain a loyal customer base

Loyal customers are important in any business. When your services prove to be satisfactory to customers, it leaves a good impression on them and encourage them to come back. Here at K&K IT we are fully committed to assisting you in achieving a large customer base that frequently orders from you.


Mobile Responsiveness

Responsive software that work on all platforms

Our software is designed to scale and fit multiple different platforms to suit your business needs.

Have responsive and intuitive systems that will work regardless of the device you are using it on!

Full control of access rights at backend interface

Take full control in the assignment of access rights to various staff. You can decide who has the rights to access different features of the software. The software is designed to handle multiple users and updates whenever any user makes changes. An action log displays recent activities from the users so that you are aware of the processes that are being handled.