K&K IT enterprise resource planning software is an integrated system that combines, organizes, and maintains the data necessary for all operations.

Inventory management system

Inventory Management SystemInventory management system plays an important role when it comes to managing assets. Organizations can spend huge amount of resources just to keep track of all the records. If problems arise from not being able to keep track of all the devices and assets, your company could potentially incur heavy financial losses in the case of mismanagement. This is why K&K IT is here to help you eliminate the possibilities of unaccounted losses. We use cloud based Inventory Management Software in Singapore to oversee orders, ensuing that you have full access and control of every inventory segment at all times. Experience real time tracking and updates as it is automatically changed in the system.
Manage tracking, ordering, stocks level, and purchases all on a single easy-to-use platform. Our system assist you in managing your company’s inventory with automatic updates.
Generate content like purchase orders, invoices, receipts and reports all directly from the system. Our Inventory system enables you to have full control of the operations without needing technical skills to manage.
Our system is compatible with most barcode scanners, making it easier to account for stock movement of various products instantaneously by performing scanning in and out.

Features of K&K IT Inventory management System

  • Manage products, stocks and warehouses.
  • Constantly updated system.
  • Generate Inventory Reports.
  • Availability on mobile devices and desktop.
  • Managing Invoices, orders and receipts.
  • Accurate tracking for goods transfer.
  • Tracking of taxes (import/export).
  • Barcode generation and integration

Instant Inventory CheckingInstant Inventory Checking

Our Inventory management software gives you instant inventory visibility at any time. Whatever details you require can be found in the system at your fingertips. Bringing convenience and practicality to the table is how you get your edge on your competitors.

Simplify operations, reduce workloadSimplify operations, reduce workload

Eliminate manual work and human errors that bring unnecessary costs to your company. Automate and streamline your work processes with our system with well-thought out features. You’ll find yourself cruising through sales channel management, stock handling, order fulfilment and more!

Inventory - ExchangeIncreased Time efficiency and convenience

Our Inventory system is used to reduce down time while keeping the records up to date across various entities. We believe that time is of the utmost importance, which is why the system is made for you to quickly get what you want, when you want it.

Manage your suppliers with easeManage your suppliers with ease

The software manages the supplier’s information like records and details. It allows for easy access and management of multiple different suppliers. Generate purchase orders from suppliers for diminishing stock with a single click.

Generate Inventory reports any timeGenerate Inventory reports any time

Our Inventory management software helps you by generating detailed reports to get quick and important information that can be used for analysis. The data provided can be used for auditing and setting up marketing strategies.

Customized and Optimized for your companyCustomized and Optimized for your company

Here at K&K IT we believe that a system should be customized to suit your company needs. Let work together with us to make a system that works and benefits your company.