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I would like to thank K&K IT for their hard work and cooperation in developing an ERP system for my company to better manage our work. Previously B4 Water Leakage Specialist had many problems when it came to work. Things were messy and unorganised, communication between our different sectors was problematic as well.

We also had to do daily paper work which was tedious and difficult to track and store in our office. Thankfully we were introduced to K&K IT which provided solutions for our problems. We met up with Kingsley to show him how work was conducted and he was able to propose an ERP system that could manage our staff, quotations and invoices and generate reports!






Kingsley focuses more on how he can help me and providing a good service than harping about the money matters. This is one thing that makes him different from other IT solution company. He met me on 4 occasions just to explain the process and get back to my many questions at each meeting. He replies my calls, emails and text messages readily. In addition, he understood my cash flow issue, thus he advised me on tapping government grants which further lower my costs.

The ERP system addresses the problems which my company faced in the day to day workflow as well as better communication and synergy between the various departments of the company.  If you are looking for a service oriented IT Solution Company, K&K IT will be the good place to go.


Before seeking help from K&K IT our business queuing system was a real mess as we often had problems with workflow and management. We had troubles coping and keeping up to date as we had to go through multiple channels to get work done, it was tough for the staff and I needed them to feel comfortable working. We looked up K&K IT and they were able to help us with our very own customised software!

With their help and expertise we are now able to run our day to day operations smoothly and our staff and customers are all satisfied! Big thanks to K&K IT for helping up develop such a game changing system just for us!

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Our staff were under huge amounts of stress during work as they often experience tough customers that would not cooperate. However after K&K IT implemented their queue management system for us our operations our company has changed for the better.

Customers are now informed of waiting times and would not pester my staff. At the same time my staff are able to fully concentrate on their work without needing to focus on the queuing customers as it is automated!


K&K IT was able to identify the problems with in my business and helped to develop a system that would resolve these day to day issues. I was surprised by the response from them as they were very engaging and helpful throughout the entire development process.

If you would like to have a customised system for your company look no further than K&K IT as they listen closely to your requirements and feedback!




Without K&K IT’s help my company would not be where it is today. Managing customers and their orders was a tough ordeal in the past. But now with the software that they provided us we can do so much more and with lesser effort. We are able to manage orders, queue numbers and more!

The interface is easy to use and straightforward which makes working and teaching new staff a breeze. If you have any IT needs I believe that K&K IT can provide a solution just for you!



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My company had troubles everyday when it came to organising different content. We also had tedious paperwork that we had to make room for which was turning into a hassle as finding the ones we need can be frustrating at times. However thanks to K&K IT these issues are now problems of the past.

The system records all documentation and we do not have to worry about losing important data ever again! The software is easy to use and I am able to teach my staff quickly!

I would like to thank K&K IT for their hard work and understand in developing an ERP system for us. I was initially unsure of how the system would help my company.My staff had no problem learning the software. The features are designed according to our needs and requirements. I would like to thank Kingsley and Ting Han for being patient with my company and answering my inquiries when I am in doubt. Their professionalism is key to the successful implementation of the ERP system.

With this software, my company is able to keep track of important documents and details, reducing the paper trail. I feel secure and relieved to know that my data is stored and indexed according to the important categories. The staff is able to search and retrieve data efficiently as and when it is required.

K&K IT has done a great job in helping my company resolve day to day issues. On our old system we had to go through multiple channels before we were able to print the correct documents. Now everything can be found under the various tabs in the sidebar and it makes recording and printing documents much easier.

The ERP System that they have developed for us is also easy to learn as it was intuitive and had a similar feel to apps that we have used before. I highly recommend K&K IT if you are looking for IT solutions that work!

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