Every Singapore business needs as much help as they can get. Taking advantages of grants such as the CDG government grant is very important. Often businesses do not do this because the application process can be very complex. However, with the opportunity to receive grant support of up to $30,000. It is well worth the effort, and now you have the opportunity to utilize application forms that are far more simple, and there are less requirements for documentation. We can certainly help you with this.

If your projects qualify you can enjoy up to 70% of defrayment for the costs. This also includes costs of consulting, training, certification and even equipment costs. This type of savings allows you to upgrade your large products with increased productivity and improve the process while at the same time it will open up access to the market and enhance your product development.

The criteria that is set for the CDG Government Grant is that your business must be registered in Singapore and operating here. Eligibility also requires a 30% local shareholding. You can have no more than $100 million group annual turnover. Also you cannot have any more than 200 employees. There are no minimum CPF employees.