Here at K&K we are all about providing our clients with the resources they need to scale up their business through productivity which in turn leads to profitability. Our company is comprised of three leading experts who are well educated, experienced and highly motivated in offering Singapore IT solutions that will meet the demands of the business here. Our mandate is to ensure that our solutions are easy to use, easy to maintain and are affordable while generating the expected results.

Our Singapore ERP system is comprised of these critical elements that are geared towards leading any business that implements them to success…

  • Appointment Scheduling and Booking
  • Attendance Tracking System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Point-of-Sales (POS) System
  • Queue Management System

With our years of experience and expertise we have had the pleasure of serving many different clients in all types of industries. The core of our Company’s success is based on offering the very best in customer service that begins from the time a potential client makes their first contact with us through the entire implementation of our Singapore ERP system, and we are always just a phone call away with our impeccable customer support services.

We take great pride in being a full IT Service Provider. We offer standard solutions, full web solutions. We are able to customize solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Our Singapore ERP system is orientated for the businesses throughout Singapore who are intent on operating their business in such a way as to put them above their completion. We are fully compliant with all of the Singapore rules and regulations in terms of accounting practice and payroll requirements. We possess the expertise to assist you with obtaining your government grants.

What We are Good at

Website Design and Development

Professional Business Websites that helps increase sales. Amazing Design and User-Friendly Interface for outstanding website experience.

Custom Applications

Our experts can create custom web applications that suit your business models. Easy to use and highly organized, get tasks done efficiently.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Promote your Business Online Effectively. Our Internet Marketers can help expand your business online and get traffic that converts into sales at the lowest price possible.

Management Systems

Gather leads, schedule and book appointments and check your inventory in just one click. Our standard solutions can get the job done without the hassle.

Outstanding Customer Support

Connect with your customers through systematic customer support. Contact prospects and close deals through effective communication tools.


Get the funding you need to expand your business through grants. We can help you apply and get approved fast for various government grant programs.